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Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to loose weight without starving or going through the knife before summer ’08 starts?

So you’re still struggling to loose weight despite your religious obedience to the tedious preparation of complicated, boring diet, expensive and time consuming exercise programs and state of the art exercise equipments, that is now sitting on your basement taking your clothes as its ornament?

You know why?

Most of the weight loss management strategies don’t work, and if they do, they don’t last long. Once you’re back to square one after following the regimen down to the ‘T’, they’ll tell you...oh that’s because that’s just you (meaning they tell you that obesity is in your genes).

That’s a bunch of crap!

It’s not just about what you eat!

Healthy balance diet and exercise is important…but how do we know the healthy from unhealthy foods this days, are we able and have time to engage in heavy exercises?

We always blame the usual suspects…fast food chains, Chinese restaurants, junk foods, soda, sweets, animal fats and process snacks.

Exercise is good and keeps you healthy, but you have to be persistent and consistent because it will take a lot of time to shed those weights off.

What if you only have time for light exercise?

Maybe because of your business, work, house chores, kid’s activities and some other things that rob you blind of your time or maybe you simply have some injury that is keeping you from engaging in any mild to heavy exercise activity?

Even walking can become burdensome when your 50 pounds overweight and your arthritis is acting up.

You’re on a dead end!

It’s not just important what you eat, you know!

Back to basics, if our digestive system does not have the proper tools to breakdown the food into useful nutrients, no matter how good we are in calculating our intake like a mad scientist, that won’t do us much service.

It’s no different to an expensive car that you fill with high octane fuel and yet your spark plugs are not in a condition to optimally burn your fuel...your speed will be sluggish.

If your plug wire has cracks and your electrical powers are release within the hood, that expensive car with expensive high octane fuel will struggle to move up to a 12 foot hill.

So now you can stop wondering why at times you feel that way, even after a substantial meal.

What are this proper tools to break down food into useful substances we call nutrients?

The first and most important of all are the life sustaining enzymes, second is our normal flora or friendly bacteria in our bowels.

I don’t intend to elaborate the topic of enzymes and normal flora here. There are a lot of studies made on this subject. So if you don’t know your enzymes, then I suggest you read about it.

Few important things to consider; as we grow older our enzyme level drops down, enzymes are deactivated by cooking, pesticides and wax coating for preservation, a technique use by producers to denature the enzymes (stop their activity, so as to keep the produce and fruits from ripening fast before it arrives to the store shelf).

Our bowels have friendly resident bacteria called normal flora that helps in the breakdown and absorption of food particles.

They can’t stand antibiotics. At times antibiotics are necessary to treat infection, normally on a course of 4-10 days, so expect that your intestinal flora will be depleted and need replenishment.

Supplements like acidophilus, lactobacillus are few of the readily available forms.

Knowing what you know now. The food we eat must be converted into useful substance, absorb into the body for optimal function as quickly as possible.

The simple or complex sugar needs intestinal flora and enzymes to be converted into energy.

The meat, which is the common source of protein, needs to be converted into amino acid for body building and tissue repair.

The fats (good fat that is, or high density lipoprotein, good cholesterol), are the carriers of fat soluble vitamins and pulls the bad cholesterol out of our system.

How do we get the assurance that all of this are working together for our common good?

We don’t! That’s why overweight and obesity is a world wide problem.

Now we just spoke about the problem and within that, the understanding about the solution.

How do we accomplish the feat?

How do we shed those weights off without starving or going through the knife before the summer comes?

Here it is!

Take the supplement that has great combination of enzymes, vitamins and minerals carefully bundled together using the technology of called NGP (Nutrient Group Product), the group of Nutrients having the ability to replenish and sustain the good amount of intestinal flora, and optimal production of enzymes with the application of Nano Solve technology (meaning- turning substances into a tiny particle that can penetrate through the semi-permeable cellular membranes), and through micellization process, will be carried through quickly into the cellular compartment where it is needed most.

For rebuilding and repair of tissues.

What does it have to do with weight loss?

Because there will be no more excess this time…and those excesses before will melt away into becoming useful substances instead of it hanging around in places where it is not needed.

This is up to ten times better and faster absorption of essential nutrients.

Imagine if these activities occur day and night…with minimal exercise, enough rest and really staying away from junks…you’ll be in good shape before summer.

You don’t need to starve, you don’t need a knife.

You need a fitline supplement.

Now go to this site and order your supplement now.


And click on the Nutritional Supplements on the top, scroll down to the weight management and click.

That’s it! Take the combination of Weight Management Concept.

Namely – Fitline Herbalism Tea, Fitline Restorate, Fitline Gourmet Shakes.

You’ll be shaking off those weights before summer.

If you want more energy, Order the All Day Pack Combo and take a teaspoonful of the Basic and Activize with a glass of water or juice every morning and go on with your business of the day.

Then one teaspoonful of Restorate with a glass of water or juice at night, before going to bed.

That’s it very simple. No Starving, no knife.

How much investment do you need? How about (6) six bucks everyday for slim solution, that’s just about how much you spend for a Latte or combo meals of any sort.

And about (5) Five bucks everyday for energy buildup and rejuvenation. That’s pack with more nutrients than a powerbar that cost more.

In less than 90 days you send me an e-mail and thank me. I’ll even give you a deeper discount, or you can make a living help change people’s lives.

I’ve help more people in few months of sharing this supplement to than what I’ve accomplish in 20 years as a critical care RN.

If you don’t achieve your goal (which I doubt), make sure that you keep the empty containers and return to me. I’ll give you the address via e-mail and give your money back, no blaming, no questions ask.

I’ll even refund your return shipping cost.

Warning: You may not be able to use your old clothes by then and you will stay slim and fit for the longest time ever.

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