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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What does Nanotechnology has anything to do with Diet, Nutrition, and Fitness?

You thought that Nanotechnology is all about the components of computer gizmo’s and gadgets.
In these day and age, at least we’ve all heard about (if we don’t own yet), a gadget like I-pod, I-phone, hand-held computers and other devices that keeps us connected with the world from the comforts of our hands.
We’ll, Nano by definition means small.
The industry has come up with a more accurate definition –
They now identify Nanotechnology as the science of developing materials at the atomic and molecular level in order to imbue them with special electrical and chemical properties.
In simplified manner of explanation, nanotechnology’s purpose is to focus on transforming the food we eat into something that our body needs, in greater quantity and faster delivery to the place where it is needed most…that is for energy consumption, maintenance, rebuilding (rejuvenation) and repair (regeneration).
Our physical body goes into degenerative process on a cycle (24-7-365 days a year).
The functional cycle never stops…can you imagine if your heart stops pumping? We call that an arrest…trust me…it’s an awful site any Doctor hates to see.
Just as our hair, nails grow each day, our skin sloughs off and grow another layer and it cycles into degeneration, regeneration phase.
They appear as dust in our floor.
No matter how sealed from outside dust our home is, how strong our filtration gadget is, and how often or how much we clean up, as long as we are living in that house, there’ll be dead cells appearing as dust each day.
Under normal condition, the circulating blood matures and dies every 3 day cycle (whether you like it or not), unless you suffer from sickle cell disease…in that case your blood cells do not mature the way it’s suppose to.
Without replenishing…every living thing goes into degenerative phase, then disease process and eventual death.
Basics for survival are food, rest and hydration. In the absence or alteration of any of the supplies mentioned will result in an imbalance.
An imbalance, if left untreated will manifest a symptom leading to deterioration, then demise, if not corrected.
Malnutrition, evident as underweight, overweight and obesity, and most illnesses are brought about by faulty dietary intake.
Viruses and other harmful microbes are considered opportunistic agent that affects us when our system is at its lowest…exhaustion or fatigue from lack of rest, undernourishment because of poor appetite, poor intake, unhealthy dietary intake, and exposure to certain elements when our guard is down.
That’s when we are most vulnerable to sickness cause by infections and tissue breakdown without aids in recovery.
When we subject our body to extreme wear and tear such as strenuous workout and training, without proper replenishment, will also result in breakdown.
Our mental functions and physical body needs enough calories for energy, protein for building and rebuilding/rejuvenation, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes for proper conversion and absorption, salt and water for hydration, and rest for recuperation.
Any situation that will result to more or less of what our basic needs will result in imbalance.
A balance diet and rest is essential for fitness and survival.
Two things we have to consider; are the foods we eat provide the essential nutrients for rejuvenation?
Are we getting the right amount quickly to where it should be?
To answer that question; we must understand the basic principles of the:
* Digestive Process
* Nutrients from food – Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats, Vitamins, Water and Salt.
A link about the physiology involved in the whole process of digestion presented by:
National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse
Simply put:
Mechanical breakdown of food begins by chewing and softening cause by enzymes present in the saliva for easy swallow.
The now slimy food slides down the esophagus to the stomach, where chemical digestion continues through the release of gastric juice (hydrochloric acid) from stomach lining to further breakdown the protein.
Food then transformed into liquefied substance and finds its way down the small bowels and through peristaltic actions (squeezing motion), where conversion, absorption of nutrients, and diffusion into the cellular unit is expected to occur.
Assuming that the process went under normal condition and presence of enzymes necessary for proper chemical digestion and transformation of food into nutrients we’re met.
In reality, as we grow older the enzymes in our body is depleted. Since enzyme is essential for breakdown of foods into essential nutrients, our body needs more source of enzymes.
We all agree that fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source available.
However, many produce are protected from insects by using pesticides, that are not only known to be hazardous to health it also depletes the enzymes so as not to cause the fruit and vegetables to ripe quickly.
And even those organically produced (pesticide free) are harvested and transported at great distance…and since enzymes are responsible for decaying of those food items, producers has no choice but to halt the process to maintain the fresh look of the produce. Thus chemical coating and some forms of preservation are applied to intentionally terminate the enzyme activities…otherwise those fruits will arrive in our stores rotting and decaying.
So now we are face with the dilemma of lesser and lesser enzymes due to aging and commercialism.
We understood that lack of enzymes results in faulty dietary intake, no matter how careful we are with our diet.
Faulty dietary intake is one big factor in disease process, obesity, and even our mental capacity.
The outcome! We now have too many sick, too many obese, and too many crazy people.
Ever wonder why the Nutritional Supplement is taking the market by storm?
Organic health food stores are the only one’s that use to carry nutritional supplement items. These days, all food stores carry at least some of the basics we’ve known.
We spend billions of dollars each year for nutritional supplement, enrollment on workout gyms, state of the art exercise equipments and yet, the problem is ever increasing.
We enriched the processed foods with all the essential nutrients.
The problem will not only remain…it will escalate until we don’t realize that it’s not just what we eat.
The answer is not on Mega Doses of Vitamins and Minerals either, because no matter how much we take…if the gastric acid render them useless, as they travel to the natural absorption process in our body…the longer it takes for them to get to where they should be, the more energy they consume, the less amount is retained, delivered and absorb into our cellular structure, the less useful they become for us.
The most sensible solution by far is the use of Nanotechnology in our foods.
Nanotechnology, which deals with devices typically less than 100 nanometers in size, is expected to make a significant contribution to the fields of computer storage, semiconductors, biotechnology, manufacturing and energy.

Envisioned are all kinds of amazing products, including extraordinarily tiny computers for increase in productivity, building materials that withstand earthquakes, advanced systems for drug delivery and custom-tailored pharmaceuticals, as well as the elimination of invasive surgery, because repairs can be made from within the body.

From that definition now comes, the Latest Scientific Breakthrough Technology that will revolutionize the way we deal with our health and fitness in terms of dietary intake.
This advancement disguise under the patented name NTC – Nutrient Transport Concept was granted under strict European Standards.
Endorsed by Health Experts, Authorities in Nutrition, Accrediting Agencies, and Athletes because of its scientifically proven ability for better and faster absorption of essential nutrients!
NTC, when applied for manufacturing food supplements to keep the essential enzymes intact and functional when consume, proved an increase in absorption rate of nutrients five times higher, compared to any other products currently available in the market today that are not using NTC.
Another form of patented technology applied to enhance the absorption of nutrients is called NGP – which stands for Nutrient Group Product, best explained as a synergistically combined beneficial effect of nutrients and vital substances.
They uncovered, through research, that certain nutrients when combined together, have a dramatically higher efficacy ratio in serving their functions.
The products conceived according to the latest scientific research as NGP® (Nutrient Group Products), means the right combination of ingredients in a nutrient group, results in their powerful joint effect as a team.
For example, optimal energy gain is achieved by taking all participating B-vitamins (e.g. vitamins B1, B2, B6, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid).
This type of combination of B-vitamins contained in a product is far more effective than taking them individually.

Another example of synergistic nutrient groups which complement one another, are antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and selenium.)

Latest scientific research indicates that taking high doses of them individually has an undesirable effect. On the other hand, the effect of these "Free Radical fighters” can be increased several folds (up to a factor of 50) by including secondary vegetable compounds (e.g. bioflavanoids).
Combinations of antioxidants and bioactive vegetable compounds are therefore thought to be particularly effective.

The probiotics and prebiotics also complement one another with regard to their health-promoting effects in an excellent way. All the products developed according to the NGP® concept has been found to achieved the best desirable effect due to synergistic binding.

It is not without reason that, "The total is more than the sum of its parts."
Now all these claims are validated by a seal of approval called GMP due to their adherence to the manufacturing standards of Swiss Vitamin Institute.

Safety with a Seal of Quality
* The GMP guidelines currently provide the most modern standard of quality and purity.
* Nutritional supplements do not have to be manufactured according to GMP guidelines, it is a voluntary control, and approximately only 5% of all nutritional supplement products are produced according to this standard.
* Under GMP guidelines, calculated control of raw material as a source of primary ingredients includes, according to regulations: from planting, harvest, to transit and preparation must be free from pesticides, toxins, pathogenic germs, impurities, no genetic manipulation, or bio-engineering alteration will pass the standard. This guarantees purity as Natural.
* GMP means constant chemical, microbiological and physical control. GMP encompasses controls during manufacture which range from the acceptance of raw materials until the finished product leaves the building.
* GMP demands that samples are held back beyond the sell-by date and ensures stability tests after product development.
* With this strong background, the Nanotech products have been licensed and gained favorable acceptance in over 25 countries.

The Nano-solved Technology is another innovative concept that will revolutionize the process of enhanced absorption.

Fat-soluble substances such as, for example, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, beta-carotene, as well as co-enzyme Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed by the body with great difficulty.
In the intestines, only water-soluble substances can pass through the intestine's lining into the lymphatic system or the blood structure.

For this absorption (technically speaking resorption), the body packs the fat-soluble substances into the water-soluble transport vessels, so-called micelles.

This process takes time and energy and is not complete, so that only 20-30% of the fat-soluble vitamins can be absorbed from food.
With the aid of micellization, it will support the body by pre-packaging these transport vessels.
By doing so, will achieve absorption which is several times higher (on average 3 to 5 times higher and faster).

The micellization processes used in the products has already been improved three times in relation to its effectiveness and naturalness - micellization, micromicellisation and now the NanoSolve® micellization.

Using NanoSolve® technology, the Company is the first and only in the wellness industry, to introduce such innovative concept in nutritional supplement, using a completely new type of technology to create solubility of lipids in a natural way.

While other procedures require a large number of substances to create solubility - usually based on synthetics and/or alcohol to micellize relatively small amounts of active ingredients, NanoSolve® technology needs just a relatively small amount of natural substance promoting solubility to micellize a lot of active ingredients.

The size of NanoSolve® micelles is between 30 and 60 nm and they are very homogeneous in size. 

Gone are the days of Mega Doses.

What are the specialities of NanoSolve® Micellization?

  • Micellization exclusively with natural substances
  • At least 3 to 5 times quicker and better absorption and higher intake of vital substances in comparison to the vitamins available in an oily form in capsules
  • Significantly improved stability in comparison to conventional nano-emulsions
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from synthetic emulsifiers and without monohydric and di-hydric alcohols
  • Contains the important substance lecithin
  • Completely new nutritional supplements are possible through NanoSolve
  • Unique because the company has it’s own proprietary rights, under patent pending, no. 10255195.2
Judging from this new technology developed by the company, it only proved that it’s not just important WHAT we eat, but above all HOW MUCH of the nutrients we absorb into our bodies.
What use are the highest quantities of vitamins and minerals from foods, or process products if they do not reach the place where they are needed; that is in our billions of cellular units – or even if only some of them arrive there and perform their most needed functions, which is the tissue regeneration?
The unique patented NTC (Nutrient Transport Concept), developed during the last 13 years by an international team of experts, under the chairmanship of Dr. Gerhard Schmitt, ensures, on the one hand, that the requirements of the body are met by optimal absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals – regardless of whether these are taken with other food source or from the unique supplemental products developed by the company, using their patented technological concept.
In other words the NTC was designed using the concept of Nanotechnology, to which, because of the microscopic structure of the elements, making it possible to enable the valuable nutrients and vital substances from the foods we eat to be transported to the place where they are needed as quickly and as effectively as possible.
The process namely takes place from the intestines into the bloodstream and from there to the billions of body cells.
The supplement is prepared in powder form consumed as a drink and are more superior compared to products in tablet or pressed form or to capsules with regards to absorption and to the efficient intake of vital substances.
Under constant voluntary control of the Swiss Vitamin Institute Doping safe these products fulfill the regulations of German Food Law concerning pharmacologically effective substances.
They therefore also contain NO Nandrolon or other anabolic steroids or other drug effective substances. As a company they have voluntarily entered into the obligation to have their products tested once a year by the accredited Laboratory for Doping Analysis in Cologne (Germany) for residues and impurities of anabolic-androgenic steroids.
Which explains why the product is endorsed by many Olympians from Europe and Australia. They endorse the supplement without asking for advertising fees from the company.
With all the nutritional supplements available these days, its hard for us consumers to identify which one delivers the value for our money and of course meet the needs we have.
I myself had been on the quest for years. My years of experienced in the medical field, particularly in critical area has been disappointing in terms of seeing people struggle day in and day out. I’ve seen friends and acquaintance come and go…and I’ve arrived to the stage in life where my interest narrows down to watching my health, realizing that our health is our biggest liability as we grow older.
I have not been seriously ill, though I have a history of back injury 17 years ago, that kept me from engaging in gym activities…so I’m limited to walking and light exercises, I do a more breathing exercises through singing than walking.
I cook a lot but I don’t eat much, I’m not particularly concern about the amount of calories or what have you in the foods that I take. You’ll find me pick something out from the meat section every food shopping event.
I suffer from very serious seasonal allergies. From fall to spring, I’m almost on round the clock allergy medicine, nasal spray comes in handy in all my cars, lockers, and office. I can’t enjoy the outdoors on spring time.
I hate to admit, but I’m a mess half of the year. That’s why I say I’m on a serious quest.
The quest took me as far as Germany when a friend mentioned a company that owns the technology, NTP, NGP.
Four weeks ago, I went to the company’s headquarter and met with the owner and scientist who owns the patent and was fortunate enough to have the privilege to speak to them in details what I have just shared in this article.
A tour to their manufacturing plant was a treat. And from that day on, they earned a loyal and a very passionate customer.
After 4 weeks of using the product, it save me from all the troubles including the back pain and for the first time in years I was able to do some snow activities this past weekend with my family with greater strength and stamina and without a single pop of pain medicine. I have not use nasal spray, nor allergy pill since.
My wife, mother in-law, daughter and many friends who saw the changes in me are now loyal consumers.
And I have strong intentions in spreading this news to everyone. Feel free to contact me if you have any clarifications and plans in using the supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products and information mentioned herein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or, medical problems. It is not intended to replace your doctor's recommendations. The information is provided for educational purposes only. Nutritional benefits may vary from one person to another. Testimonials and anecdotes are available and we’re gathered from people with no monetary claims.

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