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Friday, February 5, 2010

Wellness and Wealth

Natural Anti-aging, Health and Wellness strategy...that works!

It's been a long while since I had the chance to work on this Blog site --- distractions, distractions and more distractions.

Most are positive distractions though.

But as good as they are, they still took away my interest in sharing some information here.

This time around I will attempt to merge them together into a powerful collaboration of holistic information.

Gee, I'm using the "H" word for my blog now.

What I meant is that for us to achieve Optimal Health we must have a proper balance in the basics of life. Our spiritual journey and faith, our physical health, and our economic interest must be balance well in order for us to achieve the sense of greatness.

Our faith is the most powerful motivation to change our mindset in believing that our achievement is limited to our belief.

If I may steal the words of Mr. Henry Ford; "If you think you can, you're right! If you think you can't, you're right too!"

Jesus Christ profoundly said; "According to your faith, be it unto you." Matthew 9:29

That's a very powerful word.

Our thoughts can become things, so they say.

Our optimal health begins with spiritual exercise leading to faith on things that are unknown.

Often faith inspires extra initiative or effort, adding confidence that it will yield the desired good result.

Our mindset must be establish on positive faith. That with courage, persistence and determination nothing is impossible to achieve.

If we want to change things within and around us the effort to change must begin from within our mind and heart. Then our physical body will submit into how we want it to become.

You want to lose weight? Then begin visualizing your desired looks, believe and work on it!

We become what we think.

Now I said holistic, because I don't believe that physical health is possible if we don't have the financial means.

You can't be healthy if you cannot afford to provide yourself the healthy food your body needs.

Likewise, even if you have all the money in the world, if you don't have the discipline and understanding that there is a universal and natural means of maintaining optimal health, your direction will be into accelerated aging and sickness.

Yes money can buy the best medical care, but the best medical care can only keep you from dying sooner when you are sick. If both your mind and body is sick there are only few things your money can do. Make your exit a little less painful and a very decent burial.

Look at some addicted wealthy people. They spiral down to worse despite having all the financial means.

Why is that?

Because of the lack of understanding that every fight they have can be won or lost in their mind first. Perhaps because the drugs have diluted the mindset that they used to have when they achieved their success in life. When they we're relentless and determined to succeed.

But now their determination to escape from the trap of addiction has already clouded their judgement.

Remain sober and be alert. That's where our state of mind must be at all times.

Achieving wealth is easier when we are healthy.

Again, wealthy individual has one thing in common, they are no smarter than you and me. Maybe in some aspects.

But if you listen to them I can bet 99.9% at a time, they're answer to question on how they became as wealthy as they are is because they believe in themselves and what they are capable of doing.

They believe that they can have what they want and they begin pursuing that interest relentlessly.

Their work ethics and discipline is fueled by a burning desire to achieve what they want in life.

If you want to dispute this theory then read the biography of billionaires who was born from an ordinary family.

You want to become wealthy? Begin visualizing yourself as wealthy, believe that you can do it and work on it no matter what your financial situation is at the moment --- but be reasonable and realistic.

Nothing happens until something moves.

Whatever it is that you want to do or believe that fits into your desires you've got to search, ask information, learn and work hard both in your thinking and action.

This is the foundation of my upcoming articles this year.

Mindset, good health and achieving wealth.

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