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Monday, February 8, 2010

Underarm Odor Ultimate Solution!

Kill the germs kill the odor! It's that simple.

I've shared about my long time struggle with my daughter's embarrassing and offensive armpit odor which started since she was 8 years old - almost 3 years ago. 

We've gone through different means, even her pediatrician thought that it was something that can be treated with regular bathing and use of deodorant. I also learned - through research - that this condition is common in children ranging from 4-12 years of age. It's not normal but not uncommon.

Relieved. So I thought no big deal!

Still I continue with my quest to find a solution --- which I religiously followed down to the T --- with no success.

Recently I wrote about what I've found to be another home remedy discovered by a person who suffers from underarm odor for years. She claims that despite her extensive measures of daily bathing and use of numerous brands of deodorant that provides temporary relief, nothing work until she tried - out of desperation - Listerine Mouth Wash.

So I tried it on my foot (I'm embarrass to admit that I have foot odor problem) and it got rid of the smell.

Then I tried it on my daughter's underarm. It worked like a charm for few days so I excitedly wrote about it. Unfortunately, after about 5 days of doing the morning routine, we're back to square one. We even tried it twice a day. No good results either. We continue on for another week but still, the odor is there.

Back to my quest.

What I found out this time around - since I've ventured in depth into finding out similar issues and solutions that are brought to medical experts attention - is that there is a simple (often neglected cause), that makes more sense.

Most of us have --- what we call in medical terms --- a normal flora of bacteria in all expose areas of our body. These are supposedly harmless normally residing organisms. However, if they thrive in abnormally higher number, may trigger some unwanted effects. Such as causing offensive odor, especially in dark and moist areas. Hmmmm...

So I figure disinfecting the area makes more sense.

Because of my years of experience in the medical field, I decided to try a routine that we always use when preparing for a procedure. Thorough skin cleansing using antiseptic/antimicrobial solutions. I happen to have one. They are inexpensive and are available over the counter.

So that's exactly what I did.

With a facial cleanser pad, I poured into it a small amount, cleanse the area just as I would prepare at work. I then rinse it with water.

Normally, after bathing or cleaning the armpit is odorless. As the day goes , the smell increasingly becomes embarrassing.

The first time I use the method of skin cleansing, my daughter came home from school odor free. Just like the first time we tried the Listerine.

Then we continue and this time it's been about a week, we even tried without bathing, no odor after the entire day of running around.

I'm confident that this problem is solve for good!

For parents with child or even adults who have issues of body odor. This is a safe and inexpensive remedy to try.

I will blog for updates and changes if there are any in the coming days.

I hope this information will help someone out there.

Good luck.

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Fats forward today Feb. 20, 2010 --- Good results. The odor is completely gone. Since my daughter is on winter break, she didn't take a bath for 2 days (ssshhh don't let her know I said this) I didn't smell any odor.

I must say with great confidence ---- this method works!

Good luck to all.
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